In 2015, Davis MacIntyre & Associates conducted assessments of three Nova Scotia family cemeteries that are located on Provincial lands: the Cook family cemetery (Digby County), the Roop or Winchester family cemetery (Digby County; sometimes mistakenly referred to as Joggins Cemetery which is a better-known location on the other side of the Joggins), and the Reuben Zinck Cemetery (Lunenburg County). All three cemeteries represent a common trend in abandoned Nova Scotia cemeteries: background research indicated that there are likely significantly more people buried there than there are surviving tombstones. This is due chiefly to the significant expense of having a tombstone carved in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. As a result many individuals only ever had temporary wood markers or markers made of local uncut stone. In other cases, a stone was added by a relative years or even decades after death.

DM&A recommended that a large buffer zone be placed around each cemetery to avoid any future disturbance of the graves. This buffer was based on both known burial records and on the topography of the site, which is often helpful in predicting preferred burial locations.

Davis MacIntyre and Associates assembled a small amount of genealogical and vital statistics data relating to the Roop/Winchester, Cook, and Zinck families in these cemeteries. If you are a relation and would like to request this information, please contact us.

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