Co-Op Program

Since 2013, Davis MacIntyre & Associates has participated in the co-op education program in partnership with Saint Mary's University. Since then we're pleased to have trained three co-op students over multiple terms in archaeological field work, research, and report compilation. All of our co-op students gained valuable real-world experience and were excellent assets to our team during the time they spent with us.

Travis Crowell was our first Co-op student from Saint Mary’s University, Halifax. He completed three work-terms with Davis MacIntyre & Associates as a junior and then an intermediate archaeological consultant. He completed a Bachelor of Arts degree in Anthropology with a minor in History, and is now a Master's student studying coastal archaeology at Simon Fraser University. Travis also joined us briefly during our 2016 work at the Halifax Methodist Cemetery.

Irene Hart joined us for two co-op terms before graduating from Saint Mary's University. She majored in Anthropology and minored in Classics, and has a keen interest in archaeology and the rich history of Nova Scotia. Irene also joined us to assist in our excavations at the Halifax Methodist Cemetery in 2016.

Courtney Mac Neil joined us for two co-op terms before graduating from Saint Mary's University. Her previous work as an interpreter at the Old Burying Ground on Barrington Street lent itself well to her work with us, including mitigation and excavation at both the Alexander Tower site and the Halifax Methodist Cemetery.