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Experts in Heritage and Archaeological Consulting 

Serving the Atlantic Provinces since 1989

Welcome To DMA

Davis MacIntyre & Associates’ primary mandate is heritage resource management, conservation and preservation for long-term benefit. Our goals are to provide the highest quality in cultural resource management and ensure that impacts to archaeological resources are eliminated or mitigated, within a safe working environment. We do this by hiring experienced professional staff, through ongoing training and professional development, and by constantly evolving and adapting to push our standards higher. We also place special importance on the relationships we have built and are continuing to build with descendant and indigenous communities.

In Mi’kma’ki, we recognize that Mi’kmaw archaeological resources belong to the Mi’kmaq Nation and we acknowledge their inherent ownership and management role in these resources.  

Our Vision

At Davis MacIntyre & Associates, we strive to create an environmentally, economically and socially sustainable future. We pride ourselves on conducting high quality archaeological work with the goal of the conservation and preservation of resources for long-term benefit, public communication and engagement, and the de-colonization of archaeology. We are able to work within tight schedules and manage highly complex and large projects, while maintaining a safe and respectful workplace. We are experienced in working with the Mi’kmaw Nation and local indigenous communities, as well as stakeholders, clients, and government departments to develop the best archaeological plan for each individual project.

Our uniquely skilled staff are trained and experienced in standing building archaeology, skeletal identification and analysis, GIS mapping and predictive modelling, GNSS mapping, paleoecology modelling, precontact and historic artifact analysis, artifact conservation, artifact photography, project management, and archival and oral history research. We have the capabilities to provide archaeological conservation, marine archaeology, and geophysical investigation through professional partnerships. We are a small business that handles the majority of our resources in-house, including the full tier of professional archaeological consulting services, fiscal and project management, administration and day-to-day financial bookkeeping. This allows us to keep our project costs and overheads at a very competitive rate. 


Over 50 Years Combined Experience

Previously established as Davis Archaeological Consultants Limited in 1989, our team of experienced professionals is committed to excellence, safety and professional development. 

400 Projects Completed

and counting for Private and Public Sector industries, community groups, municipalities and non-profits.

Permits He​ld in 4 Provinces

Fully qualified to hold permits in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, PEI and Newfoundland and Labrador.

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