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Recent News Media and Publications

Province House 2019

Check out our discovery of a buried, vaulted chamber at Province House in Halifax  featured by Archaeology Magazine and CBC!

CNEHA Annual Meeting 2018

The CNEHA 2018 Conference was  held in Halifax, and our staff presented several papers based on recent projects.  April served as Program Chair on the 2018 committee.

2018 CNEHA Program

Argyle & Grafton Streetscapes 2017

Our 2017 work on the Argyle & Grafton Streetscapes in downtown Halifax has received lots of attention. But we promise, despite many claims to the contrary there are sadly, no secret tunnels! 

Possible discovery of mystery tunnel just a pipe dream (CBC)

Did a construction crew unearth one of Halifax's secret tunnels? (CTV)

‘Underground tunnel’ rumours fueled by discovery of old Halifax sewer line (Global)

Public Archaeology in Stellarton

Follow Laura's public archaeology program in partnership with Industrial Heritage Nova Scotia and the Museum of Industry in Stellarton, Nova Scotia.


Dig near the Museum of Industry unearths local history

Stellarton archeological dig unearths industrial past


History surfaces at Stellarton archeology site


Laura's extensive research on the Robertson Store, part of the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic, is now available for download as a Nova Scotia Museum Curatorial Report.

CBC Land & Sea - "Underground Halifax"

In 2015 Laura was featured in an episode of CBC Land & Sea - "Underground Halifax"!

2015 Canadian Archaeological Association (CAA) Conference

One of Courtney's papers discussed the artifact collection from the Toby Site. Her second paper featured public engagement and the many advantages of working with Mi'kmaw crew and visitors to the historic Paq'tnkek 1 house site. Laura's paper discussed artifacts and features recovered from the same site. 

Public Archaeology at the Shubenacadie Canal

In 2014 and 2015, Laura conducted a public archaeology program at Shubie Park in Dartmouth, on the site of a canal worker's cottage. The small dig was packed with archaeology enthusiasts, particularly young children keen to make their first find.

Shubenacadie Park in Dartmouth unearthed by archaeology enthusiasts

Morris House 2014

Laura has been working with local heritage groups to record and analyze finds and features from inside the Charles Morris Office Building, also called the Morris House.



The Old Simon House

In the summer of 2014, we conducted an excavation of a historic Mi'kmaw house at the Paq'tnkek Mi'kmaw Nation. See more about the project in this great video produced by a Red Road youth video training workshop.

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